Missions Endowment fund


The greatest thing anyone could do on this earth is share Christ’s love with another person.  In fact, it is the only gift you and I could give of any significant value.  Sadly, many good and Godly people do not have a plan for their earthly possessions upon their death.  Ask yourself or members in your church, especially older saints, the following questions:

1.  What of monetary value will I possess when I die?

        Let’s say: a house ($75,000), maybe a pension ($10,000), a Certificate of Deposit ($1200), a car ($3,000)

2.  Who will get these possessions when I pass away?

        The Government, unsaved relatives, local charity, church, Christian relatives, State Government, etc…

3.  How will they spend this money?

        Who knows?

4.  Can I gift some or all of it to make a Spiritual difference in others’ lives forever?

        YES!  This is a way great way for you and your resources to work on the mission field forever.

        Once a gift is made to the Global Missions Endowment Fund, it will never be spent.  It will always work to make a difference in the hearts of missionaries, adults, teens and children around the world.



How does this Missions Endowment Fund work?

For example, Jane Doe through her estate planning gifted $80,000 to Global Missions. 

That $80,000 will always be in the Fund, it cannot be touched.  In 2010, 2020,2090 or 2175, if Jesus tarries, that $80,000 will always earn interest.

It is the interest that is spent  yearly to support missionaries, Bible colleges and people.