Monday, July 15
7:00-8:00       Prayer
9:00-11:00     GEC Meeting
1:00-3:00       General Board Meeting
4:00-6:00       Missionary Banquet
7:00                Camp Meeting Service
                        Featuring: Women’s Ministries
                        Speaker: Pastor Rick Lowery

Tuesday, July 16
7:00-8:00       Prayer
9:00-12:00     Women’s Ministries Convention upstairs in the MRC
9:30-11:00     Men’s Meeting in the MRC Sanctuary
                        Speaker: Frank Angié
12:00-1:00     Cook Out (free) by the pond
2:00-4:00        Missions Board Meeting in the MRC Conference Room
7:00                 Camp Meeting Service
                         Featuring: Ordination Service & Awards Ceremony
                         Speaker: Pastor Todd Hoskins

Wednesday, July 17
7:00-8:00       Prayer
9:00-10:00     Registration (required for voting)
10:00-12:00   General Conference Business & Communion
12:00-1:00     Pizza, upstairs in the MRC (FREE)
1:00-3:00       Leadership Training, upstairs in the MRC
                        Speakers: Pastor Terry Lykins and Reverend Lonnie Truelove
7:00                Camp Meeting Service
                        Featuring: Ordination Global Missions
                        Speaker: Bishop Shannon Truelove

Thursday, July 18
7:00-8:00       Prayer
9:00-11:00     Missions Breakfast, at the Stroup Building
11:00-6:00     Field Trip (Possible)
7:00                Camp Meeting Service
                        Featuring: National Youth Department
                        Speaker: Pastor Tommy Bates

*Activities for the Youth will be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


Rick Lowery has been the Pastor of Pearl Street Pentecostal Church for 16 years, a youth and children’s church pastor for 5 years, and served in the ministry of helps several years prior to this. Rick has well over 20 years of ministry experience. His wife, Michelle, of 26 years serves by his side in every aspect of ministry. They have a daughter, Kaylee, and a son Noah. Rick holds a Bachelors’ degree in Criminal Justice and a Masters’ degree in Practical Theology.

Todd Hoskins is the Senior Pastor of Redemption Christian Tabernacle. Called to preach at an early age, he started pastoring his first church, Byesville Boulevard Church of God at the age of 22. Because of God’s gracious hand, Pastor Todd has enjoyed the privilege of shepherding an ever-growing, ethnically diverse congregation that has outgrown three buildings in his near 30 years of pastoring. He is a faithful, compassionate and loving shepherd who will truly leave the ninety-nine to go after the one!

Bishop of the IPCC since 2014 and Pastor of Full Gospel Assembly, Harford, Michigan for 21 years. Bishop Shannon has been married to his wife Stephanie since 2001 and has 2 children, Breanna and Zachariah. Bishop Shannon holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Siena Heights University and a Master’s of Arts of Theological Studies and a Master’s of Divinity in Global Studies from Liberty University.

Senior Pastor of Community Family Church in Independence, Kentucky. Pastor Bates has a unique calling and gift of God to bridge the gap of separation between “that which was” amd “that which is” in the Full-Gospel movement. He is able to preach the uncompromised Word of God to America’s young generation in a way that is current but never forgetting the old-time anointing passed down over the generations.